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Family Love Provide Greatest Benefit In Homeschool Classroom

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What is the greatest benefit of the homeschool classroom?

Family Love Provide Greatest Benefit In Homeschool Classroom

The benefits of homeschooling your child are undeniable. In the homeschool classroom both the teacher and the child have a personal and vested interest in the success of the learning program. Many families view the homeschool classroom as an opportunity to spend quality time together, learning and growing toward a common goal. In the homeschool classroom, parents and children actively interact with one another. The parent assumes the teacher role, training and influencing their children through education, spiritual values, morals and religious beliefs that are held strongly within the family unit. While the majority of families that choose to homeschool do so in order to uphold their strong religious convictions, this is not necessarily the case for every homeschool family. While religious beliefs can be a great motivator for many families, it is the strong belief in the family unit that supports the success of any homeschool decision.

Within the environment of a homeschool classroom, the parent as teacher is able to guide and instruct their children at a personalized level, focusing the learning environment to the learning style of the student. This type of learning environment is impossible within the public classroom, as it would be unrealistic to expect any one teacher to offer 36 different learning style lessons, one specifically designed for each student. While it is true that many classrooms are learning to accommodate different learning types and to offer different learning opportunities within one classroom, it can never compare to the one-on-one instruction that takes place within the homeschool classroom. When you evaluate a homeschool classroom to a public school classroom, a very important element is left out of the equations; the homeschool classroom is filled with an intimate bond shared by parent and child, a bond that cannot be matched in the public school sector.



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