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Daily Schedules Not An Issue In Homeschool Curriculum

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If I homeschool do I have to follow a predetermined schedule or can I create my own?

Daily Schedules Not An Issue In Homeschool Curriculum

Many families do not like to adhere to rigid time schedules imposed by the public school timetable. For these families, the opportunity to homeschool provides a strong benefit within their lifetyle, freedom from timeline and scheduling demands being a strong motivator in their lives. In the homeschool classroom, the parent, as teacher, controls the day-to-day structure of the classroom, building it to fit successfully within the family's own personal time frame. For many this means studies in the early morning then onto family chores and errands. For others, the daytime hours are spent working around the home, running necessary household and academic errands and then study time in the evening. As a homeschool classroom, the academic timeline is absolutely at the best interest of teacher and student in one classroom rather than an entire school district. For many families, this individualized schedule is exactly what is needed for success. Additionally, when working on a homeschool schedule, it is also possible to have flexible scheduling family fields, vacations and other travel plans. Another benefit of the homeschool program is the ability to fit in music, art, physical activity and other extra-curricular activities. For many homeschool students, the concepts of math, science, geography and other more concrete subjects are more easily understood through dramatic play, artistic creativity and personal self-expression. For students that require a more specialized educational program, homeschool provides a successful opportunity to learn in a classroom that is molded around their own personal learning style.



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