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Family Fun Enhances The Homeroom Classroom Learning Environment

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Who tells me how to operate my homeschool?

Family Fun Enhances The Homeroom Classroom Learning Environment

The homeschool classroom filled with conversation between student and teacher promotes a stronger, more cohesive relationship between the parent and child. This relationship strengthens through the learning and modeling of lessons, both celebrating success as each goal is met. As the bond grows, the foundation for open communication, discussion and guidance is also enhanced between parent and child. While many students initially have a difficult time adjusting to their parents switching roles from parent to teacher, soon this transition is easily made; often times a parent will facilitate this adjustment by allowing the child to function within the role of the teacher and the parent adopt the role of student. Such manipulation within the privacy, safety and security of a homeschool classroom allows silly play between parent and child in a manner that might be socially discouraged in a public or private classroom. The comfort level of the homeschool classroom is going to be the direct creation of the parent and child. If your child learns best in a relaxed and laid back environment, enhance those qualities of your educational program, if your child is one that prefers strict schedules, guidelines and environments, center your homeschool program on this format. The key element is that you want to build an environment that is comfortable for the student first, then you as the teacher second. The idea of homeschooling is to protect, guide and nurture as well as educate your child. This too is the benefit of homeschooling, you are the director of how your homeschool operates, make sure it is successful for you and your student. Therefore, it is important to provide an environment designed to enhance learning. As you create your homeschool environment, make sure that it promotes the learning style of your children and conveys the message that this is their classroom and their education. Remember, you are in the role of teacher, facilitator and mentor.



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