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In A Homeschool Classroom Your Child Won't Have To Struggle To Keep Up

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I have heard that homeschool programs are very successful for learners with special needs, is this true?

In A Homeschool Classroom Your Child Won't Have To Struggle To Keep Up

An advantage of the homeschool curriculum allows for considerable freedom when instructing your own child as the sole student. One of the most valuable teaching points within homeschool classrooms is the ability to slow the curriculum down when the student becomes bogged down in a concept and cannot get past it. The homeschool classroom is able to progress at the rate of the learner unlike the public and private schools that move according to adopted curriculum rather than the student. For obvious reasons, the public or private school teacher cannot, simply by the number of students within the classroom, move at the comprehension rate of each individual student. However, a homeschool classroom can proceed at a personalized pace, providing support, guided teaching as needed by the student until the concept is completely comprehended. Additionally, the teacher can reorganize and redirect the initial subject and present it in an entirely different manner to enhance the introduction and rebuild the foundation of initial knowledge. It is especially true in mathematics, students require complete comprehension of concepts in order to build and comprehend additional facts. For a student that has fallen behind in a public school, a missed concept is a lost lesson that most likely will negatively affect their further comprehension at a later point in their mathematical studies. In a homeschool classroom, the feedback is immediate and the parent, as teacher, can revisit the lesson, re-teach the subject matter and continue to work with the concept until the student is comfortable and comprehension has been successful.



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