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Many Homeschools Stay True to Their Roots

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Do studies support that homeschooling is a successful way to educate a child?

Many Homeschools Stay True to Their Roots

The goal of homeschool teacher is to guide, instruct and shape their student into a confident and independent “thinker”. The decision to homeschool is rarely one that is made lightly, as the educational responsibilities are another role one or both parents will now adopt. However, for many families, this is the only educational option suitable to their family goals and ideals.

There are many different opinions about homeschool pros and cons, and while these opinions have changed over the years there are often many who still apply a negative stigma to the whole idea. A natural argument to oppose criticism is that statistics have proven that homeschool, when done properly, is an educational environment that is beneficial to both teacher and student. As a concept that originated with the ideas of freethinking, free exploration and the pursuit of real life applications in which to apply the newfound knowledge, homeschool is driven by the student's interests rather than directed by the teacher's agenda. This is not to say that the teacher doesn't have a general direction or educational goal for the student but rather the student is able to identify the medium in which the academic growth will happen.



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