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Homeschooling May Be The Start Of A New Revolution

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Homeschooling used to be stereotyped as "hippies", if I homeschool will I be considered a "hippie"?

Homeschooling May Be The Start Of A New Revolution

Homeschooling has been called many different things since it experienced its rebirth in the 1970's. Originally homeschool was done by the pioneers and settlers as they relocated into isolated areas of the new world. In 2004 it was estimated, conservatively, that there were over 2 million children being educated in a homeschool environment. For anyone who thinks about, attempts or succeeds at homeschooling their children, the first and foremost reason that they do so is to provide the best possible education for their children. While it is true that there is no one stereotypical homeschool family; there are those that are more committed to the cause than others. Statistics currently identify Christians as the largest classification of homeschooling families but the numbers do not stop there nor should they; families seeking a better future, no matter what their religious, cultural or social affiliation are the future of homeschooling and by working toward a common goal the negative connotations about homeschooling will give way to recognition for the academic success that comes from parents and child working together in a positive learning environment. In a society that continues to draw battle lines, promote violence and racism and work against one another, the homeschool movement seems like a peace rally. Families gather together to welcome one another, sharing ideas, exploring new curriculum and working in peaceful cooperation to reach a common goal. For the children, raised watching their parents model this peaceful and kind behavior, the future holds hope of peace and kindness reaching from one side of the globe to the other. For children raised in a homeschool environment, the benefits of homeschooling often include learning to value volunteerism, generosity, kindness of character, the power of prayer and thoughtfulness; homeschooled children learn to identify a person by their character and keep agreements “sealed with a handshake”. Here, your word is all you need.



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