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The Principle Method

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What is the Principle Method?

The Principle Method

The principle approach is based on the following seven Biblical principles:

VGod-given individuality
VChristian self-government
VCharacter (Biblical New Testament)
VA Christian form of government
VLocal self-government
VA restoration of unity in government (Christian unity)

Proponents of this method believe that Christian leadership must be restored to the US and the world. The academics are taught from a biblical POV with the quality of a classical education. Those outside Christianity could not follow this method.



9/9/2006 4:15:03 PM
Karen Goldbach said:

Your quote on the webiste at the bottom of the information: "Those outside Christianity could not follow this method."

How totally false this has to be, which proves this principle is not understood here. The whole basis of education going on in the first several hundred years before public school came from this, including the colleges, which were founded on this. The whole tenant of being American is the freedoms established by the foundational precepts of the Christian religion which is based on that which produces good for all, and blessing for the country and whoever is in it. It was the basis for the recognition that others who succeed, have a code of ethics, and conduct that supports it, or it will surely fail.Please do your research, and ask the right people for input, thankful.



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