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Measuring Up

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What if my child doesn´t measure up?

Measuring Up

We hear stories all the time of homeschooled kids that went to Harvard, Yale or MIT at 12 and got their doctorate. Are you worried that your child won't measure up to these success stories? There is nothing to measure up to! Each child is unique, and no two can be intelligently compared.

You can't judge a child by test scores—standardized testing only measures how well a child can take a test! Contests, like spelling bees and geography bees, are not barometers of intelligence. A brilliant person may "freeze" up in front of a crowd and be unable to demonstrate his intelligence, but give him a quiet room with a computer or a notebook and pen and he might give us pages and pages with his thoughts showing us his intelligence.

Try not to fall into the trap of comparing. Everyone is good at certain things and not at others. If you can let your child show you the best "self" that he or she can be and you can love and respect that person, both of you will have a wonderful experience homeschooling, no matter what!



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