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Choosing a Curriculum

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I want to homeschool. What should I do first?

Choosing a Curriculum

1 - Set your educational goals. Decide what you want to accomplish this school year.

2 - Make a careful homeschool curriculum match. Not only to your child's needs, but also to your goals.

3 - Feel free to customize your curriculum. Your child doesn't have to fill out every page in every book. Supplement and strengthen your purchased curriculum.

4 - Evaluate your curriculum carefully. Make sure that it has those components needed to reach your goals. If it doesn't, see #3.

5 - Get a clue from your kids. Kids crying at the kitchen table are a great indicator of the need for a change.

6 - Don't write your lesson plans in ink. Schedules can change abruptly because of illness or other distractions.



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