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Figuring Precentage and Letter Grades

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How do I determine grades for my kids?

Figuring Precentage and Letter Grades

Simple steps to figure out the percentage and letter grade of an assignment or test.

1.Correct the paper.

2.Determine the number of total questions (some questions can get more than one point - if there are multiple answers or if it is a particularly long answer).

3.Count number of correct questions.

4.Take the number of correct questions and divide by the total number of questions.

5.Multiply this number by 100 to turn it into a percentage.

6.Typical grade scale: 93-100% = A; 85-92% = B; 77-84% = C; 70-76% = D; 69% and below = F.

Note that this is not a rubric. Instead, it is a basic grading scale as is used in "regular" school. If you are grading a simple paper and pencil test, this is a great method. If you are grading an in-depth project, however, you should have devised a rubric before your child began the work.



12/8/2008 3:49:45 PM
veronica said:

this tip was a complete life saver since this wasmy first time grading


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