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Getting Into College, Part 1

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Will my child be able to get into college?

Getting Into College, Part 1

In order for your child to get into college, you should keep good records, develop your own transcripts, and have your child take the college entrance exams (SAT, ACT, and CEB). You can obtain information about these tests from your statewide homeschool organization.

Every major college and university accepts homeschooled students; some even seek out college-bound homeschoolers because they are typically serious about learning and do not attend college to party. Recently, a university rejected a homeschooled student on the grounds that the student had not attended an accredited high school, despite the fact that his transcripts and SAT scores would have gained him admission to Harvard. The applicant took the school to court and won admission.

Check into the colleges your child wishes to apply to and obtain their specific requirements. Many private colleges in the US rely on interviews as well as written recommendations to determine the student's ability to shoulder the school's workload. Homeschoolers are welcome at these institutions and they do well in college.



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