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What about socialization?


Homeschooling parents often are asked, "How will your child be socialized if they are not in a traditional school?" If you are concerned that your homeschooling child is missing out on valuable socializing time, note that in an average 6-hour school day, traditional students spend 1 1/2 hours--30 minutes of recess and an hour at lunch--socializing. Additionally, recesses are being cut out of most grades in the majority of school systems in order to provide more lesson time to prepare for standardized exams.

During class time, traditional students sit quietly at their desk unable to talk or "socialize" with other children, or else they are reprimanded for being "bad." Socialization in this setting involves teaching children how to interact with other children of their own age group, which is limiting.

Homeschooling students meet people of all ages and walks of life on a typical day of homeschool, i.e. librarians, postal workers, grocery store clerks and social groups of other homeschoolers of all grade levels. This provides these students with a more diverse social experience.

Students in traditional schools typically get to go on one field trip per year. Homeschooling students are able to take substantially more field trips, which better prepares these students for socialization in the real world.



3/18/2007 6:47:43 PM
homeschooled senior said:

I am a senior in high school, and have been homeschooled my entire life. I came upon this tip while I was looking for information that I need for a speech on homeschooling. This advice is right on! As a homeschooler, I have had a lot of socialization with children, teens, and adults from my church, my neighborhood, from co-ops and field trips. I hope many parents' fears are aleviated that children who are homeschooled are unsocialized!

5/23/2007 9:55:58 AM
Jacquelyn Babinski said:

I think you have the wrong idea about how much public school kids actually socialize and what we do when we socialize. we do talk in class as we do are work, something you can't get as a homeschooler. Also, the public school environment does not get "increasingly dangerous" that part of the school system is a minority and you shouldn't judge what you don't know.


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