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Seven Ways to Help with Handwriting

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Handwriting, motor skills

Seven Ways to Help with Handwriting

Kids aren't able to write well until they have developed good fine-motor skills. These skills improve easily with lots of practice, so it's important to encourage your child partake in activities that tax their fine-motor skill.

The following activities can help your young child develop the precision, balance, and hand-eye coordination that are needed to perform the fine-motor skills used in handwriting, so they can subsequently have success in home school language arts:

* Give your child clay or play-dough to play with to strengthen the major muscles used in handwriting
* Encourage her to play with Legos, miniature cars, small blocks, action figures, and other small toys
* Do puzzles with your child
* Provide creative art projects that involve using crayons, marking pens, scissors, and finger paints, as well as tearing paper
* Play games with your child that involve the handling of cards and small game pieces
* Ask your child to sort collections of loose coins into stacks of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters



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