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Math: Examples of Everyday Things

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Math: Examples of Everyday Things

Examples of Everyday Things

• Have her plan a party (birthday, Christmas, New Year's) and do all the decorating, baking, etc. Give her a budget to work with.

• Let her redecorate her room (this is a great birthday present) and give her X amount of money with which to do this. Painting and sewing both involve math skills.

• Play games. Not "let's sit down and do our math games" but regular games that involve math skills to be played whenever your family plays games. Some math games: Monopoly, Yahtzee, any of the strategic games involving logic and thinking skills (Battleship, Stratego).

• Let her be scorekeeper when you go bowling. *General budgeting. Let her help with the family budget.

• Meal planning and coupons are good for developing math skills.



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