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A Common Belief of Both Christian and Secular Homeschooling

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Does teaching my students morality and ethics have to be faith-based?

A Common Belief of Both Christian and Secular Homeschooling

Are you nervous about sending your child to a public school? Many parents are unwilling to subject their children to such learning environments, which are often rife with such vices drinking, drugs, sex, violence, and sexual abuse.

Although, traditionally, homeschooling has been practiced more in Christian communities than communities at large, there has been an increasing trend towards home schooling in general, as that parents wish to protect their children from the aforementioned ills of public schools, and to instill in their children their own set of beliefs, whether they be Christian, secular, or otherwise.

If you're nervous about sending your student to a dangerous public school, home schooling is a very real alternative that you should consider.



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