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Important Homeschool Issues to Weigh

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What are the drawbacks to homeschooling that I should consider before making a decision?

Important Homeschool Issues to Weigh

Unlike finding a $10 bill on the ground, homeschooling has some notable disadvantages. Here are a few to consider before pursuing a homeschooling approach with your child:

You'll have to spend more money on your child's education
You'll have to spend 24 hours a day with your child for days at a time
It will take more effort to find children with whom yours can build quality relationships
Significant time is required to plan and develop lessons, curriculums, and subjects

Homeschooling is a major undertaking that should not be stepped into lightly. Consider these factors and talk to other parents who have homeschooled their children to see if you really want to commit yourself and your child to the process.



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