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Question 1

Do I need a Teaching Degree to teach my children?

No, Legally you do not need a Teaching Degree or Teaching background of any nature. You can actually learn right along side your child as he/she gets older. You will need, however, to check the State or Province requirements that may be in place where you live as far as Content Standards are concerned. You do not need a Degree to teach your child - just lots and lots of love!

Question 2

We are on a fixed budget as it is - can we still Homeschool and survive financially?

Yes, you can. It may be tough at first to get used to, but with a planned budget it can be done quite successfully. Homeschooling in some instances can be cheaper than sending the kids to public school. If you use a "commerical Curriculum" costs may increase, but there are several ways to Homeschool for little or no money at all. Keep in mind that there will be no need for "school clothes" and the latest "sneaker fad" won´t pass through your house! So, if you are willing to give up those fancy take out dinners every week, you can definitely do it!

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