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Connecting With the Homeschool Crowd: How to Find the Best Conventions!

There are many great homeschool conventions that occur all over the county. These conventions can connect you to other parents who homeschool their children and help you feel like part of a community. Let's look at how to find the best homeschool conventions.

Attending a great homeschool convention can be as easy as doing a few minutes of research online. Finding homeschool organizations in your area can be the best route to take in order to find these great conventions. Many cities, and even smaller towns, have homeschool organizations that are always accepting new members. Once you've joined you will have access to all of the activities associated with the group--including the conventions!

If you don't want to join a homeschool organization you can still look up different homeschool based conventions through the internet, your community bulletin board, or local church. From there you can find out which conventions appeal most to you and then set a date to go visit. Attending these conventions can be great for your child's education.

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