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Preschool Homeschool Tips

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When is the best time to start homeschooling a child?

Starting Homeschool in Preschool

As public school systems do not require enrollment into preschool, you have the perfect opportunity to give homeschooling a try. At this grade level, you aren't subject to criticism from the outside community for keeping your child at home since not all preschool age kids are in preschool. Also, you can experiment with your home setting, homeschool curriculum and record keeping methods during a full school year before your child enters mandatory schooling at home.

While most public school systems require homeschooling parents to do everything from signing forms to procuring standardized testing, during preschool these issues are null. Instead, you have the freedom to take the time to understand what kind of learning style will best suit your child. Also, you can make the choice about whether homeschooling would be the best type of schooling for your child without fretting over withdrawing or enrolling them public school midway into their education.

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