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Home Schooling Books and Supplies Tips

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Are there free homeschooling books and home school supplies?

Free Home Schooling Books Online

Look for free books for homeschool on the Internet. While the majority of these books are classics, as books that were published prior to 1923 are in the public domain, you can find novels and textbooks that are priority reading for your student. Popular authors that are available for free include Charles Dickens, Charlotte Bronte, Victor Hugo, and Hans Christian Andersen.

Sites where you can find tens of thousands of free books include:
LibriVox--get free audio recordings of classics read aloud

How can you access these books? Most of these books can be read via your computer. You can also use an eReader device, such as a Kindle, Kindle Fire, Nook, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Samsung Galaxy.

Are there any good sources of homeschooling research?

Homeschooling Books, Videos, DVDs and Audio Research

The National Home Education Research Institute or NHERI is an organization that conducts and collects research about homeschooling and publishes the Home School Researcher.

Many of their works, such as 'Home Based Education: The Informed Choice' or 'What Makes You Think You Can Teach Your Own', can be purchased on DVD, video or audio tape.

*The information is up to date and will give you an accurate perspective on the issues of homeschooling.

Are there any references I should not be without?

Basic Home Schooling Books

There are a few supplies that no homeschooling home should be without:

• The American Heritage Student dictionary
• The American Heritage High School dictionary
• Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Thesaurus

These reference books are “must have” home schooling materials for developing minds. These resources will allow your children to research spellings, definitions, synonyms, and antonyms on their own, aiding their retention of what they look up. Younger homeschool students will learn alphabetizing skills too.

Do any retailers offer discounts to homeschool families to buy homeschooling books and home school supplies?

Saving Money on Home Schooling Books and Home School Supplies

The cost of home schooling is sizeable and, unfortunately, not even tax deductible. Have no fear, however, there is some relief to be had. Many retailers offer discounts to homeschoolers with some form of proof.

Most stores will accept your Notice of Intent to Homeschool, an ID card from a homeschooling support group, or your homeschool letterhead. Just a few of the national retailers who can save you money on home schooling books and home school supplies are: Borders Bookstores, Staples Office Supplies and Joann Crafts.

How can I help a student who's having trouble reading?

Remedial Reading Home Schooling Books

When a child has trouble reading, learning any other subject becomes a struggle too. And, it's hard for a parent to endure the emotional turmoil and loss of confidence that this problem can bring. There are home schooling books and home school supplies that can help. Sonlight's Remedial Reading Program may be the answer.

Sonlight's homeschool books have helped countless children catch up to their grade level in reading and re-learn to how to love learning again. These ‘I Can Read It' books contain controlled vocabulary stories with real plots, action and humor.

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