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A Christian Homeschool Should Emulate Grace

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How can Christian homeschool parents stay away from being hard on themselves after a bad homeschooling day?

A Christian Homeschool Should Emulate Grace

Christian homeschool curriculum alone will not teach your children everything there is to know about being a Christian. One way to encourage your children to model Christ-like behavior is to emulate it yourself. As a Christian homeschooling parent you have the greatest impact on how your children will view Christianity.

It is easy to become frustrated and overwhelmed when you are homeschooling children. After a frazzling day it is easy for homeschooling parents to beat up on themselves. One way you can keep yourself in check is to always keep your purpose for Christian homeschooling in mind. Many parents choose to Christian homeschool because they want their children in a “grace filled” environment. Do not forget to extend that grace to yourself. Forgiving yourself and starting fresh with a clean slate can go far in teaching your children what it means to be a Christian.



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