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Combating Single Homeschooling Child Loneliness

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How can a single homeschooling child make friends?

Combating Single Homeschooling Child Loneliness

If you are homeschooling a single child you should consider enrolling in a support group. Support groups will allow you and your child to come in contact with other homeschoolers. Homeschool support groups are a wonderful place for your child to make friends and get help with curriculum such as homeschool science or math. Most support groups offer field trips, potluck dinners and game nights for homeschooling families. Don't forget that support groups are also a great place for moms to make friends, too! When you find a support group that you enjoy you will be surprised at how much smoother your homeschooling life will be when you and your child have those weekly outings to look forward to. To encourage budding friendships invite your child's new friends over to your house to play.



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