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List The Homeschool Pros And Cons

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How do you get a child excited about being a homeschooler?

List The Homeschool Pros And Cons

If your spouse is reluctant to homeschool it may be due to a concern
about finances. While homeschooling is less expensive than other forms of schooling, if one parent has to leave work to homeschool it may put a crunch on the budget. One way to see if homeschooling is a viable option for your family is to make a list showing the money saved by homeschooling and the money lost by homeschooling.

Money will be saved on things such as clothes, lunches, fees, gas, childcare for babies and toddlers and other miscellaneous expenses that go along with school and work. Money lost by homeschooling would be the parent's paycheck. Once you have this list you will see the homeschool pros and cons and you will know if it is a viable financial option for your family.



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