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Look Out For Personality Conflicts as You Choose Your Homeschool Group

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Is it really that important that I get along with everyone in my homeschool group?

Look Out For Personality Conflicts as You Choose Your Homeschool Group

As you narrow your search for the right group for your family to join, remember that the home-school co-op you choose will become a social outlet for your family. In discussions with both parents and students, pay close attention to personalities. Ask yourself if there are any individuals that you might view as lifelong friends. Your decision to home-school is a long-term commitment; the co-op that you join will be an active part of that commitment. Therefore, it is important to join a group with members you can be friendly with for many years.

These co-op members will provide the academic and social opportunities for you and your children. It is often a good idea to inquire about life experience, life goals, academic goals and personal future goals. If religion is a basic value that you are using to determine your final co-op decision, it is a good idea to discuss religious beliefs and objectives with the members to make sure that you all share common beliefs and ideals. Personal values and morals are also a strong indicator for family homeschool co-ops, visiting these topics might be difficult but could make a large difference in your final membership determination. Don't be afraid to ask the difficult questions, as you don't want to spend a lot of time jumping from co-op to co-op when you could have found the proper group the first time.



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