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Members of Homeschool Support Groups Often Become Lifelong Friends

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As a new homeschool mom I wonder how in the world I will ever find time to make friends my own age.

Members of Homeschool Support Groups Often Become Lifelong Friends

As you begin to investigate the different homeschool support groups within your area, keep in mind that these people will undoubtedly become close friends and confidants as you journey on the path of homeschooling. The members of your homeschool support group may also become the social outlet for you and your family sharing in field trips, play dates, visits to the zoo, birthday parties and other social functions.

It is often ideal for a first time homeschool family to seek out an inclusive support group that welcomes everyone without concern of religious conviction, teaching methodology or other strict guidelines. Finding an inclusive support group that is a comfortable “fit” for you and your family will offer experienced mentors, friendship, guidance and a social meeting place for families who share a similar interest in providing their children a quality homeschool education.

As you seek out a support group for you and your family, it is almost guaranteed that you and your children will develop long-lasting friendships with your newfound friends.



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