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State Homeschool Convention – An Exploration Through Homeschool Resources

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I am new to homeschooling and I am looking for as much information as I can possibly find, where is the best place to look?

State Homeschool Convention – An Exploration Through Homeschool Resources

Another valuable online resource for the homeschool family are homeschool convention schedules and information that can be accessed for your specific state and any surrounding states. Homeschool conventions provide many valuable resources as you plan, build and overhaul your homeschool curriculum and educational resources.

If it is at all possible, access a schedule and exhibit hall map for each convention that you plan to attend. Allow yourself enough time before the day of the convention to review and plan your visit; map out your course to ensure that you visit your top vendor choices. Homeschool conventions can be overwhelming and a bit “intoxicating” as you walk through large sales booths, each designed to catch your attention and seduce you with their wonderful displays of academic resources, expensive curriculums and “special one day-only offers.”

Prepare and allow enough time to attend seminars and discussion groups that will be scheduled during the convention. Again, it is advisable that you review the scheduled discussion topics and plan which seminars are most valuable to your educational goals. Determine as many specific details of your convention visit as possible prior to your arrival to the convention.

As the convention is generally a one-day event, make sure that the seminars you attend are timely for your academic needs so that you do not waste valuable shopping time listening to something that simply does not apply to your homeschool goals. Remember that you are attending this convention to locate and possibly purchase the best that you can provide for your children's education; however, don't break the bank buying things you could create at home with a little bit of research and effort.



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