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Every Homeschool Student Should Volunteer To Learn Appreciation For Their Own Blessings

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I am considering having my homeschooled children perform volunteer work, is this a realistic addition to my homeschool program?

Every Homeschool Student Should Volunteer To Learn Appreciation For Their Own Blessings

Volunteering for a homeless shelter, rescue project, Habitat for Humanity or other “people helping people” volunteer group teaches your high school homeschool child empathy and goodwill for others.

Many homeschool teenage students have only studied "hardship" as a concept and have no idea what it really means first hand -- quite thankfully. Offering your child the opportunity to observe, interact, learn from and assist others in need will not only benefit those being helped, but it will broaden your child's horizons.

Children often view the world through their eyes and cannot fully comprehend the hardships of others. Volunteering helps facilitate understanding and appreciation for our fellow human. The first emotional growth comes from the discovery and personal satisfaction that is found in helping another person in need. The second benefit is the learned teamwork shared by people with a common goal to do good for others. The third is the knowledge that all of humanity is in one way or another connected.

As you prepare your homeschool high school to be student contributing member of society, there is no better tool to provide than the understand of positive human relationships. Supplementing volunteer work with Christian homeschooling by Sonlight Curriculum® is a wonderful way to enrich and extend these valuable humanitarian-learning experiences into a lifelong commitment.



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