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Searching for an Elementary School Curriculum

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My children are soon to be entering their elementary homeschool years and I still have not decided upon a curriculum, do you have any suggestions?

Searching for an Elementary School Curriculum

Finding the appropriate educational resources for homeschooling your elementary- or middle school-age child is not always an easy task. While there are many different programs available, both free and for a charge, you often get exactly what you pay for.

Sonlight Curriculum® is a carefully selected collection of educational material, readers and textbooks designed to provide you and your child with a quality learning program. Sonlight Curriculum has K-8 elementary homeschool programs designed so that each age or grade level segment builds on the skills taught in the previous Core™ program.

Additional curriculums are available to continue the learning through high school graduation.

One amazing aspect of Sonlight Curriculum is the extensive and colorful resources that are used within the educational Core programs. Their literature-rich curriculum is filled with quality children's and young adult literature chosen to complement other areas of study. Each core package includes an instructor's guide to help the homeschool parent facilitate learning objectives, ensuring the money, effort and time spent instructing and guiding your child's learning will be done in the most effective manner.



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