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Nutrition Homeschool Unit

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I am trying to create new and innovative thematic units for my homeschool elementary student, any ideas?

Nutrition Homeschool Unit

Elementary homeschool curriculum can be created through the use of many different mediums. Why not make one about food? A thematic unit on nutrition is appropriate and educational on many different levels. The language arts concepts can be explored through the writing of recipes, reading of cookbooks, planning menus and studying the food pyramid. Your child could do an online research project for different fast food restaurants, gathering information about a variety of different menu items from various locations.

These items could then be broken down into their specific nutritional values, which could become a math unit on comparison and contrasting for healthy guidelines. Exploring the differences in fat value, calories, sodium and other classification teaches the child to read food labels, apply healthy guidelines to food choices and to identify a healthy meal all based on percentages and number comparisons.

A fabulous way to experience science for a child is to make homemade bread, butter and ice cream. The scientific interactions that take place while making these three food items are easy to explain, visible to watch and provide for a great snack when you and your child are done.



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