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Quality Homeschool Language Arts Programs Will Create Lifelong Learners

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My child hates to read, how might I turn this mindset around and create a child that enjoys books?

Quality Homeschool Language Arts Programs Will Create Lifelong Learners

If you are currently shopping for a quality Christian based homeschool language arts program, Sonlight Curriculum® is a wonderful program to implement into your homeschool classroom. Sonlight uses quality literature from all different genres, many of the quality pieces are written by mainstream children and young adult authors that provide stories filled with drama, emotion, conflict and triumph. Literary treasures that create and build upon an emotional connection with the reader, an emotional connection that often extends well beyond when the book has been completed.

For many, the different readers used in the Sonlight Curriculum become lifelong favorite books that are passed down to siblings, nieces and nephews and often saved to share with their own children. Studies have proven that when a child is exposed to authentic literacy, the emotional attachment to each story enhances the child's desire to continue reading. Great readers are not born, they are created from birth, from picture books to story time read-alouds, each literary experience builds upon the previous one, with a natural progression to age appropriate chapter books, magazines and adult classics. For the child that enjoys language arts, the time spent reading isn't homework at all but rather an opportunity to travel to another place and time. Using the Sonlight Curriculum, your child will enjoy just this type of learning environment every day. It is often reported by many Sonlight Curriculum parents that the language arts readers are enjoyed by everyone in the family and often become the “family read aloud” at the end of each day.



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