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Online Assessment Makes Finding The Right Online Homeschool Program Simple

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As a parent that homeschools, how can I get an accurate and professional assessment of my child?

Online Assessment Makes Finding The Right Online Homeschool Program Simple

If you are struggling with homeschool assessment and want to accurately determine where your child is located within the homeschool instructional ladder, there is a Website that provides just the services you need. Let's Go Learn is an Internet company that provides assessment services in the academic areas of math and reading. The Diagnostic Online Reading Assessment (DORA) and the Diagnostic Online Math Assessment (DOMA) help parents to identify exactly where their child places on comprehensive and individualized reports. There are three different DOMA tests, one for basic math another for pre-algebra and a third for algebra. Once the evaluation is complete, you can use the information to purchase appropriate curriculum from their associates or to create your own program that will target both the strengths and weaknesses for your own child. Additionally, Let's Go Learn offers individualized instruction and online tutoring in math and reading. There Unique Reader, Unique Math and Pre-Algebra Pathways are each specific online programs designed to online instruction specifically for your child's academic weaknesses. The Let's Go Learn assessment system is designed to adapt to each student as they respond to each question. The test naturally progresses through the program according to the performance level of the child. If you are new to homeschooling, or are concerned with your student's level of performance, the assessment programs at Let's Go Learn are a wonderful online homeschool program.

This program is supported by many reputable online homeschool companies such as Sunlight Curriculum®. And while the assessment does not match your child up with the exact placement within the Sonlight programs, their virtual assistant is able to process the information and find the level of curriculum that will best fit your child's academic needs. What a simple way to provide the best education for your child without ever having to leave your home.



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