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It Is Possible To Homeschool The Kids Without Breaking The Bank

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Is there a resource book that lists free i tmes available to homeschool classrooms?

It Is Possible To Homeschool The Kids Without Breaking The Bank

If homeschooling is a dream you have for your family but the reality of living on one income is limiting your academic resources, visit your local library and check out the Homeschooler's Guide To FREE Teaching Aids, printed by Educators Progress Services, Inc. This wonderful resource is full of free teaching aids that are available from hundreds of different agencies across the United States. If you would like to keep a current copy of this extensive manual available in your homeschool reference library, it can be purchased from the publisher for a reasonable rate. The book takes approximately two weeks to arrive if ordered by telephone and is an inexpensive way to access many valuable resources for curriculum planning. The book is organized in an alphabetical order, with topics and addresses provided first, and lengthy lists of web sites in the following pages. The subjects within each segment are across the board for curriculum ideas, goals and opportunities to enhance your classroom and children's learning. The resources are valid, listed with specific learning resources and supplies that are available and the process by which to order. Be sure to read each entry as they each have different procedures that you will want to adhere too in order to receive your free items.



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