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Research Is A Valuable Tool As You Begin Your Homeschool Program

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I want to "unschool" my child, does that mean I still have to purchase an expensive homeschooling curriculum?

Research Is A Valuable Tool As You Begin Your Homeschool Program

When you have reached the decision to implement a homeschool program into your family's educational goals, it is important to acquire as many information references and resources as you can in order to feel comfortable with your new role as an educator. While you have always been your child's first teacher, your role is always changing and growing.

Homeschool programs offer a family the freedom to learn and grow together; however, with this freedom is also a great responsibility to insure that your child meets or exceeds the established grade level expectations for your state. Before you withdraw your children from their current educational program, make sure that you read as many homeschool books, magazines, websites, and other resource materials that you can to fully prepare yourself for this new role in parenting. If you are seeking a co-op that operates and maintains a similar belief structure as your family, there are many different resources on the Internet and in educational directories that will help you find a co-op that is right for you.



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