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Don't Be Afraid To Ask Local Businesses For Donations For Your Homeschool Materials

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Is it inappropriate to contact local busiensses and ask for donations for my homeschool classroom?

Don't Be Afraid To Ask Local Businesses For Donations For Your Homeschool Materials

Many preschools, private schools and public schools will often hold public sales or auctions to sell used art supplies, flash cards and other items that the teachers are updating. These auctions can often provide many treasures that might otherwise find their way into the trashcan. Do not hesitate to take them, as you can often clean them up and get many years of use from them.

It is often a good idea to make friends with teachers at your public school, letting them know of your needs within your homeschool classroom. Many may make personal donations to you when they are replacing things in their own public or private classroom. If the teacher is aware of a student need, often many will send it along your way rather than throw it into the trash. Extra copies, school supplies, abandoned workbooks, other classroom items can easily be modified to fit into your home school classroom, and we all agree that free is a very good price. As you seek out homeschooling materials, it is often a good idea to contact art galleries, art supply stores and craft stores. Many retailers have discontinued or opened items that cannot be returned to the wholesale agent and must be sold, it is often possible to purchase such items at a huge discount, thus increasing the supplies you can access within your own teaching materials



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