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Buying Quality Literture Early Insures You Have The Best For Your Baby

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We just had our first child, at what age should I begin homeschooling?

Buying Quality Literture Early Insures You Have The Best For Your Baby

Children begin their life learning. From the moment you bring your new baby home from the hospital you have become a homeschool parent. Talking, cuddling, singing and laughing with your baby are teaching the warmth of love, sound of language and the joy of laughter. Homeschool is a lifestyle, not a practice. Once you begin to interact with your newborn infant, you have in fact begun an informal curriculum of homeschooling. As your infant grows and becomes more interactive with the surrounding world, he or she will learn which actions bring about in which reactions. As the primary parent begins to read picture books, sing songs and talk to the infant, the child will respond by making sounds. These basic interactions are going to become the foundation upon which all other learning will be based. Many new parents don't realize how important each interaction with their newborn infant actually is in the overall development of their child, but every day is a new opportunity to teach and learn together. Now is a great time to purchase the Level A learning package from Sunlight Curriculum®. In the years ahead you will be tempted to purchase different children's stories, what better way to prepare your child academically than to purchase an entire collection of classic literature handpicked by professional educators that specialize in preschool and kindergarten curriculum planning. These books are classics that you may remember your parents reading to you. Investing in the Fiction, Fairy Tales and Fun for Little Learners, or “Level A” package will provide hours of fun and a great educational head start for your little one.



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