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Children Actively Learn When They Are Having Fun

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I am looking for a quality homeschool curriculum for my kindergarten special needs child, do you have a suggestion?

Children Actively Learn When They Are Having Fun

Every homeschool mom will explain that meaningful learning is best done when the kids are having fun. Singsong poetry, academic lyrics to children's songs, educational videos delivered by personified frogs; children love fun and learn best when they are having fun. In the academic circles it is often referred to as “engaging” the learner, finding a hook that can suddenly make a difficult concept crystal clear, a sequence of numbers or shapes can suddenly make sense if either of the patterns begins to sing or dance to a little tune.

As you begin to shop for the Christian preschool or kindergarten homeschool curriculum you want to use in your home, remember that at this age, the true objective is for the child to have fun and spend a bit of time actively engaged with academics. The academics should not be formal but rather colorful picture books, pattern blocks and beads, number cards for game play and other concrete concept tools used for the purpose of introduction and play. As you shop for the perfect curriculum, a wonderful new program that focuses entirely on the academic learning styles and patterns for most preschool and kindergarten learners is the 3 & 4 program available through Sonlight Curriculum®. This remarkable preschool and kindergarten curriculum is filled with quality children's literature, manipulatives, writing tools and other age appropriate academic products for children ages 3 and 4. Fiction, Fairy Tales and Fun for Little Learners is designed to provide a variety of educational opportunities within a fun format, providing enough curriculum for the school year, but not so much as to overwhelm a young mind. Many of the books and supplies are intended to be enjoyed by parents and children alike.



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