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Parents' Personal Knowlege about Student Enhances Learning Possilities

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Are homeschooling schedules really as flexible as they sound?

Parents' Personal Knowlege about Student Enhances Learning Possilities

The homeschool classroom can be very positive for individual and one-on-one training. This method of learning allows the parent flexibility in creating a curriculum or various study units that appeal to different learning styles, variety in classroom locations, intense focus in the direction of study, personalized fit of customized lessons to each student or study unit, varied test times to accommodate personal timeframes for each student and a wide variety of lesson plans to discuss and learn. In a one-on-one learning environment, the teacher has the opportunity to extend learning if interest is high or to redirect the concept in a more interesting fashion. In earlier public education programs, this was often referred to as the “ah-ha!” moment, a time when the classroom curriculum could be molded and built around the interests of the group rather than current practices which are often to teach to a test rather than to the student. In a homeschool classroom, it is strongly supported that the one-on-one method of learning enhances the student's comprehension rate and reduces the number of hours that have to be spent in the classroom from the national standard of six hours in public school to 3 or 4 formal hours of instruction per day in the homeschool classroom.

Another benefit of the homeschool classroom is that parents understand the personal learning styles, academic strengths and weaknesses of their own children. Using this in-depth and personal knowledge about their own children as the student, the parent as teacher can mold the curriculum to enhance the strengths and weaknesses of the student. In such a format, the curriculum can build upon each concept at a personalized speed to insure comprehension and comfort within the academic growth of the student. This specialized curriculum creates a positive and successful learning environment for both parent and child.



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