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Children In Public Schools Experience Religious Confusion

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Where can I find a solid, respectable Christian homeschool program for my family homeschool program?

Children In Public Schools Experience Religious Confusion

Religious freedom and personal morals and values are often an important part of many homeschool classrooms. Public schools today do not allow for children to discuss personal religious beliefs and practices. In the homeschool classroom, many Christian homeschool curriculums, such as Sonlight Curriculum® are designed with the individual's religious beliefs in mind. Today, it is estimated that over thirty percent of homeschool families have chosen the homeschool lifestyle because they want their children to be raised in a religious environment, following the beliefs and practices of their family religion. Allowing for different faiths and encouraging children to learn from one another is a way to share in humanity. Homeschool curriculums such as Sonlight Curriculum®, offer a beneficial homeschool program built around the Christian faith. This program provides materials that help children to learn, understand and memorize key Bible phrases and to comprehend what the Bible is all about. Their goal is to provide religious guidance and understanding through the daily learning of each lesson.



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