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Sonlight Curriculum®, A Christian Homeschool Program Builds Family Strenth Through Quality Academics

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What are the benefits of a Christian based homeschool curriculum such as Sonlight Curriculum®?

Sonlight Curriculum®, A Christian Homeschool Program Builds Family Strenth Through Quality Academics

Sonlight Curriculum® homeschool program promotes family unity and educational discovery that is shared between parent and child along the path of daily life. The Christian curriculum teaches parents how to effectively model for their students that life is an ongoing educational opportunity. In the one-on-one educational format of the Sonlight Curriculum® homeschool curriculum, benefits of academic growth and comprehension can be accomplished in less time by following their quality program teacher guidelines. Through the benefits of the homeschool program, r eal life extends into the homeschool classroom curriculum, further modeling for the student that life and education is continually entwined with one another. With this knowledge, students learn self-reliance, leaderships skills, experience a growing strength within their confidence as a self-starter, learning to observe the world around them and continually adjusting and growing as a part of it. Students are given the freedom to experiment with special interests, learning as they go along, carefully scaffolded by their parent as a teacher. In an environment such as this, the child/parent relationship is enhanced and takes on a whole new level into the realm of educator/pupil, each growing and learning new ways of appreciation for one another. As the child accomplishes new tasks and received positive and sincere support, encouragement and praise from their parent, the self-esteem of the child continues to grow, enriched the character of the child. As with any living thing in nature, the more positive the surrounding area, the more enhanced the growth of the organism; a child raised and educated in love will blossom into a wonderful adult



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