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Homeschool Flexibility Promotes Academic Growth & Accomplishment

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Why is overscheduling not a problem for the homeschool student?

Homeschool Flexibility Promotes Academic Growth & Accomplishment

Flexibility is a curious word when discussing family dynamics, social and educational goals for our children. It is in discussing the issue of schedule flexibility that one can clearly see the benefits of homeschool. For the public school child, there is little flexibility; rather life is more often a rigid schedule that must be adhered to at all costs. The day begins with a rush to dress, eat and prepare for school, and then it is off to catch the bus, followed by the classroom daily schedule, which leads to the end of the school day. As the school day winds down, it is then time for the extra-curricular events such as athletics, music lessons, dance lessons, Boy Scouts, 4-H and other social groups or programs designed to enrich the child's life. That is if they have enough time to enjoy them. In the homeschool classroom, there is flexibility in scheduling and in learning. The parent has the ability to shape the learning opportunities to fit the students learning style, enhancing how the homeschool information is presented, studied and evaluated. This allows for the student to become totally submerged into the subject matter for however long it takes for comprehension to occur. When the basic curriculum is personalized to the interests and academic strengths and weaknesses of the learner, it will enhance the overall impression that child feels when involved in academics. When the parent is given the opportunity to teach to the child rather than a test, test anxiety is never an issue for the child. With a personalized curriculum, the parent can research and provide supplemental educational resources that enhance the overall success of the entire educational process.



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