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Special Needs Children Excel in a Homeschool Environment

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I have a special needs child and am considering homeschooling her, is this type of educational program generally successful?

Special Needs Children Excel in a Homeschool Environment

For the family of a special needs child, seeking homeschool information may be one great option. The initial decision to homeschool often develops more out of love than anything else. However, once the academic and self-esteem benefits of homeschool become apparent, the family is overwhelmed with joy. For the special needs student, the one-on-one learning environment makes all the difference between academic success and failure.

Implementing a solid Christian based curriculum, such as Sonlight Curriculum®, allows the parent to teach their child academic and religious content, guiding the educational progress of their child in a loving and accepting educational environment. While many may argue that this choice prevents the child from experiencing the realities of life, the benefit of the Christian curriculum is the life skills, strong self-image and personal confidence that will be developed in a child that needs the extra emotional support at a young age. Using the homeschool academic program to support and guide a special needs child is intended to help them lead a successful life not shelter them from the outside world. A homeschool curriculum is not a hiding place but rather a growing place, designed to encourage and support someone when they need it most.



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