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Determine how long your Homeschooling Year will be

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Determine how long your Homeschooling Year will be

Some curriculum come organized for a 40 week schedule. If your homeschooling curriculum doesn’t come with a schedule, it’s best to create one before you embark on your school year. Before you can determine how much work your child will be required to complete each day you must determine how long your homeschooling year will be.

State law may govern your school year. Many homeschoolers keep a 40 week school year that coincides with the public school year. A 40 week school year usually takes 1 week off for Christmas, 1 week off for Spring Break, 2 weeks that are used for holidays and several sick days, and 8 weeks reserved for summer vacation.

If you follow state guidelines and hold school for 180 days, then you must determine your homeschooling schedule and decide which days will be celebrated as holidays. Be sure to include time in your homeschooling schedule for any final tests and studying for those tests as well.



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