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Standardized Testing: The Basics

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What do I need to know about standardized testing for homeschool?

Standardized Testing: The Basics

Every state has its own requirements in regards to standardized testing, which is used to measure the achievements and progress of homeschooling students. To get started, go to your state's department of education website to determine whether or not you are required to test your homeschooling student. Other things to consider:

-the frequency of testing, i.e. some states, such as Washington, require testing annually, while other states require testing every few years
-whether or not you are required to report testing scores to your public school superintendent
-if your school system is required to pay for the standardized testing or if you will need to pay out of pocket
-if the school system is willing to arrange for a testing proctor; otherwise you will have to find your own certified testing proctor

Normally, states that require standardized testing also require you to find a proctor for testing. This means that you can choose what type of standardized test you want to administer to your child. Some of the most common standardized exams used by homeschooling parents include:

-Iowa Test of Basic Skills
-California Achievement Test
-Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills
-Stanford Achievement Test
-Personalized Achievement Summary System



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