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Integrate Many Subjects Into One Project

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How do I create curriculum for home schooling?

Integrate Many Subjects Into One Project

When homeschooling your child, you can pick a project to work on and then spin off dozens of academic topics from the original activity. For example, if you and your child chose the project of buying and taming a pet parakeet, you could expand that experience into the following areas:

Geography and Biology, in studying where in the world parakeets originated and how they live in the wild.

Math, by recording and then graphing how often the bird engages in a certain behavior, over time. Or, by weighing how much food it eats each day and calculating the cost of feeding it.

Animal Behavior, as you teach the child to record and shape the bird's actions.

Nutrition, as you and the child study what the bird needs in its diet and why.

Reproductive Biology, if you decide to get a pair of birds and breed them.

Art, making all sorts of photos and drawings and paintings of the bird.

Poetry and writing about the bird, and how the child feels about the bird.

Online networking with other pet owners, and sharing photos.

Responsibility, in having the child be responsible for the bird's care and well-being.

This is just a sample of the unlimited possibilities offered by flexible home schooling.



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