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A Rubric For Writing

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What is a good rubric for writing assignments?

A Rubric For Writing

Here is a sample rubric for writing:

Criteria - Title
Excellent - Title piquest the reader's curiosity by using unique vocabulary
Acceptable - Title is based on the vocabulary of essay's content
Not Too Good - Title reiterates name of book or assignment
Starting Over Again - No Title

Criteria - First and Final Paragraphs
Excellent - Strong engagement, and sense of closure
Acceptable - Avoids the template, but doesn't grab the reader
Not Too Good - Flat, template-like beginning and closure
Starting Over Again - Not distinguishable as beginning and ending paragraphs

Criteria - Paragraph Sequence
Excellent - Uses tect to effect transition from one pargraph to the next
Acceptable - Transition achieved, but by an overuse of traditional words (likewise, so, therefore, et al)
Not Too Good - Paragraphs ordered, but no sense of transition
Starting Over Again - No logical sequence to paragraphs, disjointed

Criteria - Sentence Contruction
Excellent - Variety of sentence forms used to achieve balance
Acceptable - Complex sentences, but too much prose
Not Too Good - Declarative and compound sentences
Starting Over Again - Short declarative sentences

You can easily apply a letter grade to this rubric if that is your preference. It is always handy to word the rubric in such a way that you can hand it to your student in advance and let him know what you are looking for.



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