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What Are Learning Styles?

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What Are Learning Styles?

Teaching your kids doesn't become easy but it can get easier once you finally figure out what type of learner your student is. Most schools are just now starting to decipher "learning styles" and using the information to teach effectively. Read about the different "styles" here, decide which one your student is, and develop a plan that will be beneficial for your children. For all children, there is at least one "right" way (the most productive one) and several "wrong" ways to teach. Here are the seven learning styles. Please look for tips explaining them and how to engage children that have them!

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intellligence
• Interpersonal Intelligence
• Intrapersonal Intelligence
• Linguistic Intelligence
• Logical-Mathematical Intelligence
• Musical Intelligence
• Spatial Intelligence

Every child is strong in at least one of these but has some of each. Analyzing learning styles and personalities really entails no more than carefully examining the dynamics and fibers of every individual. If you find that one particular method that you are using is not working, try looking at your child's learning styles again to see what would appeal more to his needs.



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