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Intrapersonal Intelligence

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What are "learning styles?"

Intrapersonal Intelligence

Those with intrapersonal intelligence have strong personalities, but they manifest it in a more personal way than do those with interpersonal intelligence. The intrapersonal type can happily work alone. They possess a deep awareness of themselves and have a highly developed inner world, which they do not characteristically enjoy exposing or sharing with others.

If a person of this type is skilled in music or another art, she or he can be very accomplished in the art form, although performing may not be appealing because of shyness. Children with this predominant form of intelligence can be bookish and quietly knowledgeable, but they do not necessarily fare well in "regular" school. They are often autodidacts-people who teach themselves. They may become self-educated once they get beyond high school or college academic imposition of grades and such. They possess an inner discipline and will to learn real things, not achieve synthetic grades. They also manifest themselves as independent and express strong opinions and feelings in heated discussions.

* Give a child with intrapersonal intelligence plenty of opportunity to work alone, without keeping a heavy hand on them.



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