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Linguistic Intelligence

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What are "learning styles?"

Linguistic Intelligence

Those with linguistic intelligence are likely to be born poets and writers, loving to play with words just for the fun of it. If they are less predisposed to writing, they may make excellent verbal storytellers. People with linguistic intelligence tend to love to read books and other forms of print and are naturally good spellers, possessing a strong memory for words in all their forms, both as children and adults. They may also enjoy playing Scrabble and doing crossword puzzles or anagrams.

These types are probably skilled at learning more than one language, noting the universal similarities among all the spoken/written forms of communication. Such people learn best by seeing, speaking, or hearing words, so reading print, listening to lectures, and taking notes are comfortable successful ways for them to take in information.

Telling others about this information helps them to reinforce the learning process. If your child majors in linguistic intelligence, he probably would fare well in "regular" school and that might be a great way to teach him at home. Many curriculum publishers have videotaped lessons for use at home—try “School for Tomorrow” or “ABeka”.



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