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Homeschooling Learning Disabled Kids

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Would homeschooling be good for my learning disabled child?

Homeschooling Learning Disabled Kids

By the time students who have been labeled as "learning disabled" since first or second grade reach grade 5 or 6, they are often labeled troublemakers, but parents who have taken these 11- and 12-year old terrors out of school often find that, after only two or three months, their formally rambunctious personality completely changes so that the former troublemakers become treasures to be around!

Parents whose children have been labeled as having severe learning disabilities worry that they would have no idea how to teach their children themselves. I recommend that you visit a learning styles consultant to help you figure out the best way to approach teaching your child, as more often than not, these children simply have different learning style that, once discovered, can be utilized in your homeschooling program with great results.



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