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What´s a cool tool for teaching science?


Collecting is possible for homeschoolers since they are able to keep large numbers of items in their study space in comparison to traditional students who are limited in their personal space in classrooms.

One of the type of programs of study for homeschoolers is unit studies. This style of curriculum involves collecting different types of objects as related to a single subject. For example, for a baseball unit study, a child will likely collect a bat, baseballs, mit, baseball cards and magazines based on baseball statistics. These objects are used for learning about the history of the subject; the techniques of the sport; for recreational use in playing baseball; to practice math skills in statistics; and for reading via the magazines and cards.

Allow your student to keep a collection in a box to be used throughout the school year. They can also enter their collection into a state fair or homeschooling fair to show what they've learned.



4/23/2007 12:10:41 PM
Laryssa said:

This is a great idea!


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